Paul Pogba: “It’s true that things were different at Juve than they were at ManUtd. We were already playing 5-3-2 with three midfielders. I had the freedom, but I needed to be in the box in order to attack. It was a must.”

“I have the flexibility to get into the box at MUFC, but my priority is to play and defend.”
“We play in 4-2-3-1, which is also a diamond, for the national team.

I’m more involved with transmission and building. But I have more flexibility to penetrate the box and make attacking runs than I had at MUFC.”

“I’d want to be more offensive [laughs].” I’d like to score fifteen goals every season, but we must put ourselves at the service of the team. In MUFC, like in blue (France), the collective always comes first.”

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“At the same time, with Griezmann and Kylian, you don’t want to invade their areas; you don’t need to.”


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